Window display design

Window displays are the most popular and eye-catching type of advertising, where you can provide info on products, services, sales and discounts. A stylish window display creates a good impression of a company.

For display design, we use high-quality plastic film resistant to any weather conditions. Your window display can have a unique design. It can be achieved by employing products of different form and texture and exclusive compositions. Displays can contain not only advertising but also other types of texts or even artificial frost.

One more advantage of window display design is that such prints can seclude your space and protect it from unwanted sunbeams. You don’t need to cover or shade your windows.

We offer lots of solutions for window display design such as photos, advertising slogans, various decorations and props and their arrangement as per designers’ projects.

Our experience provided us with many plastic film application techniques. We tear off old advertisements and prepare the surface for new layers. We can effectively use plastic film for any surface. We have already applied lots of plastic film for shopping mall advertisements, glass and plastic surfaces or even cars.