Wide-format and UV printing

Wide-format printing is most suitable for large-format prints ranging from outdoor advertisements to posters. This method is becoming more and more popular due to its adaptability, low costs and the increasing variety of printing material. Wide-format printing can be seen on highway billboards, vehicles, interiors, store decorations.

Printing can be done on rolled materials such as PVC tents, glossy or mat sheet or paper, canvases, textile or wallpapers. Wide-format printers can print one-sided prints of up to 5000 mm width and unlimited length. The width and length of joint prints are unlimited.

Wide-format printings can come in a wide variety of formats. It is also resistant to various outdoor conditions such as temperature changes, sunbeams, humidity. Due to the special technology, the printing precisely replicates even the tiniest details on the material of your choice. We can also laminate the printings to make them even more durable.

This printing method is suitable for various products, including posters, tents, roll-ups, flags, backlits, photo canvases, canvases, signboards, prints on plastic surfaces, glass advertisements, cards, stickers, labels, stands, playbills, plates, name signs, etc.

UV printing is the high-quality wide-format printing, which allows printing a desired image not only on paper but also on plastic, acryl, glass, stickers, textile. With this technology, you get a very accurate and precise picture, a print is resistant to rubbing and scratching and can be produced quickly. Also, there is no need to wait until the ink dries out.

By using this technology, you can transfer: photographs, ornaments, and texts onto mat, glossy, solid and flexible surfaces such as wallpapers, tents, stickers, glass, mirrors, furniture plates, wood, metal, stone, various fabrics, etc.