Silkscreen and pad printing

If you want to be exceptional and impress your clients, choose silkscreen printing for your representative products. Various boxes, packages, business cards, postcards, bags with your company’s logo, corporate gifts can become a part of your corporate image.

Silkscreen printing is one of the oldest printing methods. It uses a stencil to transfer an image onto a surface. The origins of this method lead us to China and the first appearance of silk. Today it is one of the most applicable methods allowing to print on surfaces of various forms, textures, thickness and sizes. You can print on any paper or surface such as fabric, leather, plastic, wood, metal, ceramics, glass, etc. Silkscreen printing can also be used for outdoor prints.

This technology requires lots of manual labor. This is why it is so valued and widely used. While using this method, we can produce very rich colors, perfect tone transitions and brightness. The ink produces vibrant and shiny colors. It does not permeate into surfaces or distort the tones. Silkscreen printing uses thick layers of ink so that it could create a very special effect.

This technology is most often used to transfer a logo or an image on a product by using specific Pantone colors. We recommend washing silkscreen-printed fabric products inside out at 30-degree temperature. This will ensure that a print will not fade and will stay longer.

Pad printing is one of the most popular methods for making corporate merchandise. Images (logos, texts, graphics) are transferred by a special pad onto the surface. This technology is very convenient when you have small details, but silkscreen printing suits better for images of a larger scale.