Postprint works

Making a product out of a print requires lots of effort. Try to imagine how a sheet of paper becomes a shopping catalogue or a billboard.

We do all kinds of postprint works such as plottering, cutting with a guillotine cutter or cut machine, journal binding, drilling, embossing, debossing. We also offer the following services:

Lamination. We use transparent or mat plastic films for lamination. Lamination protects printed products from environmental effects and improves their durability;

Spiral binding. We can bind various documents by using metal or plastic-coated spirals;

Scoring. Scoring is used to make folding lines. It makes paper easy to fold, and it gets less damage when being folded;

Folding. We use folding to make all the necessary folding lines for a product;

Foil stamping is covering part of the product’s surface (of paper, leather, plastic) with foil;

Die-cutting makes a product unique and original.